September 24, 2006

Send Free Doggie e-Cards

We’ve found a website that offers a huge variety of free online greeting cards with terrific dog pictures on them! They even have an option where you can upload a photo of your own dog to send a truly personalized greeting card.
You can check them out here:

September 18, 2006

Dog Dresses product update

Our fall fashions are starting to arrive, and there will be many additions within the next couple of weeks. Currently we have updated the dog dresses category with some terrific new styles. Many of our summer dog dresses now have reduced pricing, and are available in limited quantities.

September 10, 2006

Pet Memorial

Today is National Pet Memorial Day, established by the International Association of Pet Cemeteries as a special day meant for dog owners to honor their lost pets. People do this in many different ways, including having small memorial services, creating memorial scrapbooks of their pet, creating living memorials by planting a tree in their pet's name, or simply discussing the happy times they had with their pet.

We at Puppycoat Junction lost two beloved dogs in less than a year's time, and would like to to honor their memories by writing a little bit about them.

tazThis is Taz, a beautiful elderly Pug whose lovable antics made everyone he met like him. When he wanted to play, he had a funny way of bugging out his big round eyes and flapping his curly tail that made everyone laugh. He loved to go for long walks, and investigated anything new with a funny little "oink oink oink" snort. He liked to give happy "puggy kisses' to you when you were petting him, and he was always ready to cuddle. To know Taz was to love him.
He died at the age of 10 in August of 2004, just one day before we had to leave for our move to Florida. It was doubly hard to get into the car and drive away, knowing that one member of our canine family was not with us.

twisterThis is Twister, our lovable giant Rottweiler. Weighing in at close to 130 pounds by the time he was three, his size intimidated most people until they had the chance to know him. Twister was everyone's friend; a big happy teddy bear. He especially loved kids, and was always extra careful when playing with them. His absolute favorite thing was to play in the water, particularly the lawn sprinkler. He would hop and flip and try to catch as much water as he could before it hit the ground. He never realized how big he was, and always wanted to sit on your lap. Twister was highly intelligent, very well-trained, and taught a lot of people that Rottweilers are not always something to fear.
He died in June of 2005, during his second battle with canine cancer. He was only 4 years old.

Both were wonderful friends, and we will always love and miss them.