July 31, 2007

Free Dog House Plan for Summer

Everyone knows that dogs who spend a lot of time outdoors need to have some kind of shelter, and we found a website that gives terrific free instructions for building a dog shelter that would be perfect for the summer months. It has a unique A-frame design that is open and airy enough for warm weather, yet it would provide good protection from the sun and rain.
If you're handy with a hammer and saw and are interested in making your dog an attractive summer shelter, check it out: Harry & Sal's Dog House

July 22, 2007

Respect Pet Friendly Hotels

Like many dog owners, we never take any vacation trips to destinations where our dogs are not welcome, and during a recent trip, we had the honor of staying at a VERY pet-friendly hotel (even their beach was pet friendly!). The owner complimented us on our dogs' good behavior, which then led to a discussion about how challenging it can be for hotels/motels to let pets stay.
He told us about two area hotels that had recently stopped allowing pets, and this got me thinking that maybe some owners weren't aware of what it takes to keep our pet-friendly hotels "friendly".
After passing what we had learned along to a friend, he wrote an informative article for our website which you can find here: Tips for Staying in a Hotel with Your Dog.