February 04, 2007

National Pet Dental Month

Though it can be difficult to clean your dog's teeth, it is a highly important part of dog ownership that many people tend to ignore. February is National Pet Dental Month, a time for all of us to educate ourselves and begin an oral care regimen that will benefit your dog's health for many years to come. To help get you started, the makers of Greenies dog treats is offering a free care package that includes a $20 rebate for a teeth cleaning at your vet's office. Their site also offers some very useful information about pet oral care. You can visit them here: Chews to Care.

PetDental.com also has some very useful information, as well as a kid's section to get them involved too.

Last but certainly not least, the folks at the Dog Breed Info center have a step-by-step guide, complete with pictures, to show you how to clean your dog's teeth.

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