November 14, 2007

Dogs Killed in Puerto Rico

We were all outraged last year when we heard the news about China killing thousands of dogs, but now it appears we have an equally appalling story coming from Puerto Rico, a United States territory.
The Associated Press reported that thousands of unwanted animals have been buried alive, thrown off of bridges, and otherwise cruelly killed. Adoptable strays were to supposed to be sent to shelters so that they could find homes, and the others were to be humanely euthanized. However, it appears that the leading private animal control program has opted to massacre them all instead.
The full story can be found here: Puerto Rico Pet Massacres

Several organizations are struggling to help the homeless animals in Puerto Rico receive the loving care that all dogs deserve. One is Save A Sato (, and they are not only working to save these animals, but they are also working to motivate people to tell the government officials what they think in order to make permanent changes in how the animals are treated. Click on the link "How to Help" (left menu of their site) and you will find many ways to get involved with their efforts.
Even if you have no money or supplies to donate, if you have a minute of time and feel like speaking your mind, this website gives the addresses of several government officials you can write to, or they have a program where you can simply submit your mailing address to send a post card to the Governor.
Their website has a banner that also says they desperately need supplies to keep their efforts going. They need everything from bath towels and veterinary supplies to Frequent Flyer miles. The list is quite extensive, so it's easy to find some way to help.
If you are currently involved with a U.S. animal shelter or rescue organization, Save A Sato needs stateside shelters to help them find homes for these pets. They emphasize their ability to provide high-demand small breed dogs that are often not available in local shelters here, as well as large breeds. The list of organizations currently helping them find homes for these dogs includes New Jersey, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont, and Texas, but they need more.

Another organization who is working to stop the animal suffering is Island Dog Inc. (
One of the unique things we noticed on their site was their "Escort A Pet" program. If you are vacationing in San Juan, Puerto Rico, St. Thomas, or St. Croix, and have a direct flight into your city, you can help them by escorting a pet. It will not cost you a cent! They transport the pet to the airport and check them in on your plane. Once you land, a person from a stateside shelter will meet you at the airport to take the pet. It's that simple, and what better way to end a memorable vacation than to have the knowledge that you saved a life?

And on that note, I'm off to write a few letters and start gathering supplies!

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