January 30, 2008

Winter Dog Care Tip #2

Everyone knows that leaving you dog locked in a parked car during the hot summer months can lead to tragedy, but did you know that the same warning applies during the winter months too? A car loses heat rapidly after the motor is shut off, and then it becomes a giant refrigerator for your pet. Hypothermia can set in within minutes if the temperature drops too low, particularly in small dogs or elderly pets.
Symptoms of pet hypothermia include shivering, shallow breathing, weakness, listlessness and low body temperature. If your dog has been exposed to the cold and exhibits any of these signs, seek veterinary help immediately. First aid measures involve wrapping the dog in a warm blanket and moving them to a heated room (or vehicle... on the way to a vet!), but even if your dog appears to be fine after awhile you should still seek your veterinarian's advice because kidney and bladder problems are common in pets that have been exposed to overly cold temperatures.

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