February 12, 2008

Winter Dog Care Tip #3

It's a common misconception that all dogs can deal with cold weather "just fine" because they have fur. While it's true that Mother Nature has made certain breeds quite hardy, others have virtually no tolerance for cold and need extra protection to stay safe. The age, size, and physical condition of your dog are all factors to consider. Elderly pets and puppies are particularly succeptible to the cold, as are small breed dogs and dogs with thin fur or certain medical conditions.
So if you find that your pooch just isn't cut out for a job at Snow Patrol, the best thing you can do is to provide them with a warm dog coat or dog sweater before they venture outside. Those made of fleece or wool are the best choices because they help retain heat and carry moisture away from the body as well, and be sure to select a style that covers your dog's belly too!
Do keep in mind though that even if your dog is sporting the best coat or sweater on the market, a truly susceptible pet shouldn't be left outside for any longer than necessary.

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