July 19, 2006

Politics Have Gone to the Dogs!

What started as a joke among friends has evolved into an event of international notice, as Alaska claims its first dog candidate for Governor of the state.

Ruth Sisk, who is the owner of the lovable Golden Retriever named Brinkley, began posting campaign signs featuring "Brinkley for Governor" in her area to amuse her neighbors, and the idea was immediately accepted with great enthusiasm. Sisk now campaigns up to 15 hours a day selling Brinkley T-shirts and other items to raise money for the ASPCA and other worthwhile dog-related nonprofit organizations. She has already raised over $4000 for her efforts, and the campaign is still going strong.

Brinkley's campaign has received media recognition on America's David Letterman Show, the Today Show, and in the Washington Post, as well as many other media venues worldwide.

You can visit Brinkley's website to learn more about this historic fund-raising effort, and may even wish to show your support by purchasing pins, bumper stickers, or shirts from their campaign store.


Anonymous said...

Right on! We've always known that politicians were dogs to begin with - why not have a lovable one like Brinkley in the big house! Woof...woof!

Anonymous said...

The perfect candidate! He'd be loyal, trustworthy, and would do wonders for the budget since you could probably pay him in steak bones!