July 14, 2006

We've Added Dog Life Jackets!

While it is a popular myth that all dogs are natural swimmers, studies have shown that breeds with low body weight and older dogs with hip problems may not have the ability keep themselves from drowning. Even the most active pups can become tired or injured in the water and require a little help.
This week Puppycoat Junction has added to their product line some terrific dog life jackets from Paws Aboard! We like their unique design, which provides a mesh underbelly so that your dog is more comfortably supported. This a particularly positive feature when using the convenient handle on the back to help get the dog out of the water.
Paws Aboard's designer dog life jackets come in your choice of pink or blue with polka dots, and we carry sizes for dogs from 6 to 50 pounds. The original yellow dog life jackets are available in sizes for all dogs from 6 to over 90 pounds.

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