July 07, 2006

Storms Affect Dogs Too

LanceHi! My name is Lance, and I'm a hurricane Charley survivor, so I know a bit about storms. Since so many areas seem to be experiencing a pretty rough start to "storm season" this year, I just wanted to remind everyone that when you are getting ready for bad weather, please don't forget us canine kids. Even during a harmless thunderstorm, some of us little guys can get pretty scared, and something as simple staying nearby and petting us a little more than usual can sure help a lot. Sometimes having an indoor crate or something else to hide in helps too. We used to make a little "box tent" with a blanket inside for my sister Mia before we bought her a puppy tent, and being able to hide calmed her quite a bit. Whatever you do, PLEASE don't leave your dogs outside during a heavy storm. Even with a doghouse, there's a lot of things that could hurt your dog (like lightning!).
Really bad weather events can cause you to have to evacuate, and you should definitely have a plan long before you need to go. Here is a pretty good article to read; Hurricane Evacuations for Dog Owners. Even though it deals with hurricane prep, it still has as very good list of items you should think about packing for your dog in ANY kind of evacuation.

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