July 13, 2006

Sun Protection for Dogs

From Jay D. Dogg: When I was a very young puppy, we found out that the pink spot on top of my nose would get sunburned after only a very short time outdoors. While many dogs never have to worry about it, dogs with thin fur, bare spots or very light colored coats usually do. Even if your pet doesn't go outside, if they like to sunbathe in front of a window or doorway, they are still at risk. We canine kids can get skin cancer and other sun-related skin ailments the same as humans do, so we need our owners to help protect us. While it is not always possible to keep us out of the direct sun, there are still a couple of things you can do.
If your pet likes to be dressed, a dog T-shirt or hat can be very helpful in shading sensitive skin. Just remember to keep the material lightweight so that it isn't too hot.
Using sunblock, like I do, is another terrific way to prevent burns. Most human sunblocks can be harmful to dogs, but dog products have come a long way, and now there are some on the market made just for us! PetsMart now carries Nutri-Vet Sun Defense, which blocks both UVA and UVB rays and is comparable to SPF 15 sunscreens. It in non-scented, doesn't stain, and doesn't feel sticky on the skin. If you look online, you will find many stores selling Pet Sunscreen made by the manufacturer of Doggles, and it is also SPF 15. For dogs that need a bit more protection, you might try MVP Sports Spray insect repellant and sunscreen. It is a waterproof product made with all-natural ingredients, and is safe for both children and pets. It has a rating of SPF 30.
Another thing to consider is your pet's eyes. Long-term exposure to sunlight also increases your pet's chances of developing cataracts, and Doggles make a wonderful array of shatter-proof dog sunglasses to protect them from those harmful UV rays. Their lightweight flexible frames make them comfortable for dogs of all sizes, and the innovative strap system keeps them from falling off. These are particularly useful for dogs who spend a lot of time near water, sand, snow or light-colored concrete, where the reflected sun rays are more intense.

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We use the one from Petsmart and it works very well.